How do we do it?

We listen

We treasure every opportunity to engage with our customers, sincerely listening to their feedback, understanding their concerns, and addressing critical issues. It helps us formulate new ideas and improve our strategy to respond better to the needs of society.

We ask

We constantly participate in open discussions with our suppliers and, through knowledge sharing, learn new ways of maintaining and improving sustainable harvesting techniques. Further, our emphasis on sustainability is implemented by dedicated teams of employees who frequently conduct on-site visits to assess supplier operations and ensure that they comply with our standards.

We innovate

We believe that investing in research and development of new knowledge is the key to sustainable increase in aquacultural production. At I.D.I., we utilize our highly integrated value chain, empowered by the emerging technologies, to strive for continual improvement across all aspects of our operations. I.D.I.’s goal is to possess full internal control from our hatchery, feeding, and farming operations to the harvesting and processing stages. This affords us extraordinary opportunities that each division working in isolation is unlikely to have. We accumulate data, experiences, and production practices from around the world. This wealth of knowledge empowers us to innovate with a level of precision that sets us apart in the seafood industry, positioning I.D.I. at the forefront of innovation and excellence.